An Ode To Chippy

Reader Andy Thomson is a keen poet, and sent us a poem celebrating the heritage of our Cotswold town. Due to space constraints, we’re unable to publish it all, but here are a few excerpts – with illustrations.

“Chipping Norton’s the place, a ‘market north town’/It sits on a hill/In a valley a mill/With history all around…

“A workhouse was built in 1831/Cotshill was its name/From the town, paupers came/Homes they had none

“Renowned Captain Hind, a local saddler’s son/He’d make people quiver/With his ‘stand and deliver’/Highwayman, he was hung

“The high church tower stands far above the trees/The view from the top/You can see High Street shops/And nearly down The Leys…



“In 1872 was built a woollen mill/A man named William Bliss/We have to thank for this/And it stands majestic still

“Bliss Mill prospered well and so did the town/More traffic arrived/A train station thrived/But Mr Beeching closed it down…

“In 1497, the Crown & Cushion was new/It gave travellers rest/Going North, South, East or West/It’s seen ages quite a few

“The almshouses in Church Street, built for the poor/They stand in a row/Make a lovely show/Nine chimneys but eight doors.”

Thanks, Andy, for painting a picture of Chipping Norton!


About Chipping Norton News

A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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