New Issue – New Look!

The February edition of Chippy News is out now – and you may have spotted some differences!

The News has had a redesign – the first since 1986 – giving it a new banner, different typeface and a cleaner look throughout. We hope you like it – but don’t worry, the paper still contains all the news, sports, arts and regular features that you expect every month.

Look out for your News – available in over 20 outlets around town, and still only 50p.


About Chipping Norton News

A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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One Response to New Issue – New Look!

  1. James says:

    It would be nice to see the chippy event calendar on this blog if you have any contact with the operators of

    although the calendar does seem to have lapsed lately. It would fill in the gap between the printed announcements

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