CASHPOINT ALERT – Barclays nobbled

At some point on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (8th/9th Feb), someone attempted to nobble the Barclays Bank cashpoint in Chipping Norton.

A grey plastic strip, about the shape and size of a plastic ruler, had been placed over the cash outlet, preventing money from coming out. Presumably the idea was that bemused customers would walk away cashless and the robbers would then remove the strip and take the cash. We’re guessing that they would have needed to be close at hand.

Fortunately the device was discovered and removed by a canny local businessman just before 7am. He only found his own cash behind it, so either he was the first to use it, or the robbers were indeed close by and had already taken been successful.

The businessman took the strip into the branch as soon as it opened and told staff what had happened. They were surprised, which lends weight to the theory that our intrepid early-riser was the first to encounter the device.

A Barclays’ spokesperson said today that they were looking into the incident to see if any cash had been misappropriated. They advised that these incidents, though distressing, are rare, and that customers should be vigilant at cashpoints. If something doesn’t look right, walk away.

UPDATE: Barclays came back to us this afternoon to confirm that “in this instance having investigated fully we believe no customers using our cash machine have been impacted.”


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