Watch Out, Twitchers About

Oriental Turtle Dove, by Ravi Vaidyanathan

You may have noticed a rare species wandering around town in some numbers over the last two days.

Predominantly of the male species, they walk with purpose down The Leys, armed with large cameras and a large amount of concentration.

These are the lesser-spotted twitchers, in town after reports of an Oriental Turtle Dove in situ halfway down The Leys.

The species is more often to be found in Pakistan, India and southern Japan during its winter migration, and is rarely seen in Europe – hence the excitement.

The resourceful owner of the property where the dove has alighted is charging twitchers £5 a time to see and photograph the bird – but only until 4pm today.



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1 Response to Watch Out, Twitchers About

  1. Scott Fisher says:

    I see an enterprising burger van has now pulled up.

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