What’s The Future For Chippy?

West Oxfordshire District Council has produced a new edition of its Creating Futures newsletter this week, aiming to keep residents up-to-date with its proposals for the area’s development over the next 15 years.

The view from Witney is that future growth should concentrate on Witney and Carterton, with “no major development site set for Chipping Norton”.

Witney will get another 1,500 new homes over the next 15 years; Carterton 1,600… and Chipping Norton 400. WODC says that these homes will include both affordable housing and homes for older people.

Previous plans for an additional primary school in Chippy have been abandoned, on the grounds that it is “unlikely to be deliverable”.

New homes will be built either within town or to the east and/or south, with sites being “identified through working with local communities and landowners”. The council recognises that the scale of housing development must not place too much pressure on our local schools, or destroy the setting of our town.

WODC has also said that redeveloping the former hospital and Castle View sites is a priority.

Other aims over the next 15 years are to expand employment opportunities, and provide new shopping facilities in the town centre, although no information is given as to how this would be achieved.

WODC finally says that it will work with the highways authority, Chippy town council and others to “reduce the impact of through traffic”.

Although WODC is placing the emphasis on Carterton and Witney – no surprise there – it is important that Chippy residents tell our district council its views on proposals that affect our town.

Consultation on the draft Core Strategy takes place until 11 March – you can comment online here (although you need to register first), or email planning.policy@westoxon.gov.uk, or write to Planning Policy, WODC, Elmsfield,New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB.

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