Who’s The Real Chipping Norton Set? We Are!

Rupert Murdoch - he's not our boss! (photo from the World Economic Forum on Flickr)

It’s been a busy time for Chippy News team member Keith Ruddle, who has been asked to pontificate for a variety of media about the mythical Chipping Norton Set, following his letter to The Guardian on the issue, which was turned into an article by the paper.

Keith suggested that ex-News International exec Rebekah Brooks – a part-time resident of Sarsden – should come and work for Chippy News now that she is unemployed. Chippy News reporters aren’t afraid of honest reporting, using their local contacts to get the real stories that matter to the town; Keith suggested that these were skills that Ms Brooks should come and experience.

Following this letter, and the continued interest in the Chipping Norton Set (which, for London-based journalists seems to cover anywhere in west Oxfordshire), reporters were despatched to Chippy to see if they could uncover our attitudes towards this apparent media clique in our midst.

The absence of any anger towards such residents – the most common response of locals seemed to be a resounding “meh” – didn’t deter papers from noting our, um, lack of interest in the “set”.

Locally, both the Oxford Mail and Cotswold Journal have covered the story; as have the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

We’d like to thank all these papers not for publicising the Chipping Norton Set, but for publicising the work of the Chippy News – the media that is the real Chipping Norton Set.

About Chipping Norton News

A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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