Sign Up For Faster Broadband, Says OCC

Oxfordshire County Council is asking local residents and businesses to get involved in a £13.86 million project to improve broadband access across the county by 2015.

It is asking supporters to register their interest in the project by 31 December, to show what demand there is in the county for better connectivity.

You can register your interest either online at or by filling out a postcard at your local library.

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1 Response to Sign Up For Faster Broadband, Says OCC

  1. Remember that this is in addition to the demand survey that Cotswolds Broadband is running in the area in conjunction with Oxfordshire County Council, which ensures that all premises are represented. It may seem like duplication, but both of these surveys are complementary to ensure that we have a full picture of localised demand. Please ensure that you also complete the Cotswolds Broadband demand survey here:

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