First Aid Unit: Use It Or Lose It

Obviously, we hope that all our readers are in good health and won’t need any first aid, but it’s worth remembering that if you do, there is a first aid unit based at the new Chipping Norton War Memorial Community Hospital off London Road.

The future of the unit is due to be reviewed early in 2014, and enough people need to be using it to make it viable on a long-term basis.

The unit treats minor injuries and illnesses that cannot be treated at home, including wounds which need closing or dressing, and infections requiring antibiotics. It can also deal with burns and scalds, bites, stings, cuts, bruises and sprains.

Chipping Norton First Aid Unit can be found at the rear of the community hospital on Russell Way, off London Road (opposite the Blissfield Gardens estate).

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1 Response to First Aid Unit: Use It Or Lose It

  1. Dan Trodden says:

    What a joke! the one time we needed to use the unit, at a time when it was meant to be open, we were waved away and had to go to the Horton instead!

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