Snow Plan In Action!

Photo by Serena Andrews and used with permission.

Photo by Serena Andrews and used with permission.

The recent week of thick snow saw Chipping Norton Town Council’s Snow Plan springing into action.

Co-ordinated by Deputy Mayor Mike Tysoe, there was everything from ploughs to quad bikes to snow patrols in each part of town, aiming to help clear side roads and paths.

The grit bins were ready – but some residents were a bit over-enthusiastic in using it all up, and so the Council is keeping some of its precious supplies ready in case of a February repeat.

If more snow does come, everyone is encouraged to:

  • use the grit sparingly, or even stock up yourselves to avoid using the town’s contingency supplies;
  • help clear paths – with a special message to shopkeepers to keep their pavements and entrances clear and safe.

Councillor Tysoe thanked everyone who was in action – as a result, the town managed to keep moving!


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1 Response to Snow Plan In Action!

  1. Rick says:

    People forget the practical uses of quad bikes sometimes. The recent snow has really put them into the spotlight though. We had similar scenes up here recently.

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