A Good Day For Red Box New Media

Red Box New Media's Adam Jennings

Red Box New Media’s Adam Jennings

Ever wondered who makes the promo desktop wallpapers, mobile ringtones and screensavers for Hollywood blockbusters? Well, if you’ve downloaded one for the new Bruce Willis flick A Good Day To Die Hard, it will have been made by one particular Chippy company.

Design studio Red Box New Media, which is based on the Elmsfield industrial estate, created a huge set of digital marketing elements for the movie, as part of its long-standing relationship with Twentieth Century Fox.

Founder and director Adam Jennings explained, “Everything we do is fun, but when you work with a franchise as well loved as Die Hard, the pressure is really on. You know that not only will a lot of people see the work you’ve produced, but also that they’ll be fans, so you have to get it right.”

Red Box New Media, which also provides work for Paramount Pictures, has previously worked on films including Life Of Pi and X-Men: First Class. For this latest film, it produced over 50 difference digital elements, which will be used throughout the world.


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