VodaNoFone: Chippy Customers Not Impressed

Photo by Bjoertvedt

Photo by Bjoertvedt

Many of you are Vodafone customers – and it seems that several of you are not happy bunnies at the moment.

There are problems with one of the two main masts that serve Chipping Norton, and this has resulted in a poor, intermittent or non-existent signal in the area over the past fortnight.

In turn, this has led to complaints of not being able to make calls at all, or calls cutting out halfway through a conversation, as well as delays in sending and receiving text messages and voicemails.

In our town, many people work from home or travel a lot, and need to be able to access their mobile phone for business purposes. The trouble with the Vodafone signal inevitably means problems everyone could do without.


But there have also been complaints about Vodafone’s lack of customer service, with the company not updating residents about the problem or when it might be resolved.

There is an active forum on Vodafone’s website dedicated to the “Chippy problem” – with nearly 500 posts on it so far. The first post was on 2 July; the most recent (at time of writing) on 13 July, when Mike Tysoe lamented the “dreadful service” he was experiencing.

Vodafone’s initial response was to ask customers to follow their standard “troubleshooting” advice (which was clearly not applicable in this case) and fill in a template detailing the problem.


After several people had done this, Vodafone then admitted to there being a problem with Chippy’s “serving site” – their reference 4362 – and referred customers to a different forum thread that would provide updates to the situation.

As of time of writing, the only post on this thread, dated 2 July, stated:

“We’re currently looking at the performance of this site. There’s no timescale for a resolution.”

Chippy News attempted to talk to Vodafone via Twitter. They initially again tried to refer us to their troubleshooting guide.

They then told us to look at the forum thread. We asked why they couldn’t just find out what the situation was and respond to us directly on Twitter. They responded:

“The eForum guys are talking with the engineers about this but we don’t get specific details back & we don’t have timescales.”

The response of Vodafone is clearly not satisfactory to the many customers who have made their complaints clear regarding the network’s failure locally, adopting the already popular Twitter hashtag #VodaNoFone to publicise their concerns.

771px-CellPhoneAll we can suggest is that local residents affected by this issue continue to record their complaints on the relevant Vodafone forum, and to regularly check back here for an eventual update.

In addition, it does appear from people we’ve talked to that if you call Vodafone and explain the situation, you might be able to have part of your line rental refunded for the amount of time that the problem has existed.


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