Roadworks start in town

securedownload This morning, works started on Horsefair and the High Street – the beginning of three weeks of disturbance for drivers, residents and business owners.

As detailed previously by Chippy News, the works are to replace the road surface on the main road through town, and involve both local and wider detours.

At 9am this morning, barriers were in place to prevent people driving up the high street, with a whole forest of road signs erected around town. Work was already underway outside Harpers, digging up the road.

Traffic cones had been placed down both sides of Albion Street – the main local detour route – presumably to prevent vehicles stopping and obstructing the route.

Ironically, the placing of the cones on the road have made it narrower, preventing larger vehicles from passing each other safely in some instances. Later on this morning, it looked like people had already moved some of the cones onto the pavement to free space.

Traffic coming up New Street has to turn right at the top of the road onto West Street, instead of left onto Topside. Anyone crossing the road from the Chancellors side towards the Town Hall should take extra care looking towards the left at traffic being diverted round.

If you are aware of any other traffic or pedestrian issues we should be aware of, do get in touch – we will be trying to keep everyone updated regularly via this blog, Facebook and Twitter.




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