Walterbush Road: will it become a “failed road”?

There is bad news for residents of Walterbush Road, who had originally been led to believe that the road would be improved this year.

Oxfordshire County Council has now decided that the works will not be carried out until 2015 or 2016 – despite the road surface being, as town councillor Don Davidson described it this week, “an absolute disgrace”.

The road – used by the S3 Stagecoach service between Chippy and Oxford – is notorious for its potholes and poor surface. County councillor Hilary Biles has said that she has previously asked for the road “to be done as a matter of urgency”.

Some potholes were filled in as recently as this April, but some are believed to have become exposed again since, due to previous poor weather.

Improving the road surface was originally on the county council’s forward plan for this year, but, as Hilary stated this week, “Apparently, there are roads that are worse”, and that will now be taking priority.

The risk, if nothing is done now, is that Walterbush Road will become what is known as a “failed road”, which will then cost more money to be fixed – whenever that may be.

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1 Response to Walterbush Road: will it become a “failed road”?

  1. Thomas king says:

    Never mind sagebrush being a failed road, with all the proposed new housing for chippy and no real detail on needed infrastructure, chippy will be in danger of becoming a failed town.Parking as one issue, is hardly mentioned, it is already a nightmare for the town and does the tourism business no favours, also driving those of us who live in the town practically psychotic.We need discussion and ideas desperately. Park and ride, traffic calming measures, one-way systems,The New developments will see a rapid need for parking solutions, people are lazy when it comes to walking and most will want to drive In. So see the future of a clogged up polluted, zero tourism, harmless totally uninspiring town centre.Thinking caps on folks, people may be moving into chippy but a lot will also be saying goodbye to move to more forward thinking proactive Ares to live.

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