“Concern” over posting of consultation document

The town council is considering extending the consultation process over the neighbourhood plan by a week, accepting responses to its consultation document – entitled Looking Back, Stepping Forward – until 22 September.

This follows the distribution of the document to households in Chipping Norton. At this week’s town council meeting, the mayor and council expressed their concern over the fact that several households in town appeared not to have received the document, despite the council paying for it to be delivered on a particular date.

Streets that were alleged to have had problems with delivery of the document included Over Norton Road and Coopers Close.

The mayor, Mike Tysoe, stated that it was “extremely disappointing” that some households had not received the document, given the importance of it being distributed on time in order to allow the statutory six week consultation period.

Hopefully, there are only a minority of households who have failed to received a copy of the document, which is a summary of the areas the neighbourhood plan will seek to look at.

The full document is available to view online, and hard copies are available to view in some town outlets, as Chippy News has previously detailed.

More details can be found in the September edition of Chipping Norton News, on sale at the end of this month.

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1 Response to “Concern” over posting of consultation document

  1. DJS says:

    We only just received it today (Blissfield/Parker Knoll development)

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