Is Chippy the third crappiest town in Britain?

We made the front cover! Yay! Or rather, boo.

We made the front cover! Yay! Or rather, boo.

It is, according to the creators of Crap Towns.

Chippy has been listed as third in their new Crap Towns list, behind London and Bradford but ahead of such gems as Coventry and Nuneaton.

There are flaws with the list; firstly, London isn’t actually a town, and Gibraltar, which also features on the list, is not even officially part of Britain, as it is a British Overseas Territory.

Is it all this man's fault?!

Is it all this man’s fault?!

But aside from that, Chippy seems to have been voted for partly because of its inhabitants. We suspect that means the famous Chipping Norton Set, most of whom don’t live in Chippy itself (even if the odd celebrity is spotted in Sainsbury’s – but that’s not our fault).

And there’s no mention of our town festival, our jazz festival, our literary festival, the independent shops, such as Jaffe & Neale, the beautiful architecture, and the town’s strong sense of community. Probably because they are the opposite of “crap”.

Middle Row: not very crap

Middle Row: not very crap

What do you think? Is Chippy crap? Did you vote for it to go on the list? Or do you think we’ve been unfairly maligned? We know what we think.


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3 Responses to Is Chippy the third crappiest town in Britain?

  1. Nor any mention of the Chipping Norton Music Festival, the 102th will take place in March 2014. Not to mention our fabulous Theatre – what a gem!

  2. jane says:

    perhaps they mean there is nothing left in chipping norton for the local man and woman eg no work no decent shops over priced houses to buy and to rent and now we have to face the possibility of the family centre [ace centre closing] all the theatres and festivals do not make up for the things that help everyday life we need a complete over haul to bring us up to date and make every ones life in chippingnorton better not just a privaliged few

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