Are the Beckhams going to move to Chippy?

Victoria Beckham - will life in Chippy make her smile?

Victoria Beckham – will life in Chippy make her smile?

The national newspapers were abuzz this weekend with rumours that David and Victoria Beckham are planning to buy a second home in the Cotswolds.

Of course, this has given rise to the usual “Chipping Norton Set” mentions, with the Daily Star winning a prize for dubious journalism with its breathless commentary that:

“the couple are looking at the popular country weekend retreat of Chipping Norton that hosts celebs from all over country.”

This might come as a surprise to us who live in Chipping Norton all week round, and who never realised that the whole town was, in fact, nothing more than a celebrity-ridden country weekend retreat.

So, can you see Posh and Becks queuing up in the Arctic Fish Bar for a Pukka pie and chips? Will they be joining David Cameron and Alex James in the aisles of Sainsbury’s?

After all, the Mirror reckons they:

“could pop into posh places for a meal or a drink, such as the town’s Crown & Cushion Hotel.”

There’s certainly plenty for them to do here. The boys can play on the Common – they’d enjoy the MUGA – and there are two Women’s Institutes for Vicky to join. As David Beckham’s new-found hobby is, according to the Mirror, um, “walking”, he can also do plenty of that.

So what do you think? Just for fun, take part in our poll below, and tell us whether you’d like the Beckhams to be your neighbours.

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