Do you want to be our new town councillor?

Join the rest of the council at the town hall

Join the rest of the council at the town hall

Chipping Norton Town Council is one member short, following the recent resignation of councillor Rebecca Herrin, who has moved out of the area.

You might not have realised, unless you’ve been in the Guildhall recently, that the council was asking for ten local people to ask for an election for a new councillor, and that if this number did not come forward, then a new councillor would be co-opted by the existing members without a new election being held.

The notice to this effect was in the Guildhall; perhaps not surprisingly, ten people did not come forward.

So now, a new councillor must be found. Could it be you? Are you interested in the future of Chippy and want to represent residents?

Town council meetings are held once a month at the town hall, although councillors also join various committees which have their own separate meetings. It’s a good way of getting involved in decision-making and having a say in what happens in our town.

If you would be interested, give your details to the town clerk, Vanessa Oliveri, at the Guildhall. You have until 1 November to apply, after which, all the names submitted will be put to the town council who will vote on who they think the best man or woman is.

The new councillor will serve until May 2015, when all the town council is up for re-election.

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