Mayor “furious” over grit bin vandalism

IMG_3283Chippy mayor Mike Tysoe has been in touch with Chippy News, saying that he is “furious” about the issue of salt and grit from the town’s bins being tipped over, wasting the contents.

He told us:

“Winter is on its way and the town is generally prepared. But last year we had people stealing salt/grit from the grit bins and now we have stupid people tipping over grit bins – one in Hailey Avenue has now been tipped over twice in three days.”

Mike says that after the first time it was tipped over, the bin was moved across the road and up against the bus shelter, hoping that the “idiots” – as he calls them – who tipped it over wouldn’t be able to do so again. His hopes were not to be fulfilled – as the bin has now been tipped over again. He said:

“I am afraid that these areas where grit bins are overturned or emptied will suffer when the snow comes as their roads will not be cleared by any of our volunteers until the rest of town has been dealt with.”

Now the mayor is calling on the local community to come together to deal with the problem. He is asking Hailey Avenue residents to get together to put the grit back in the bin, and to keep any eye on it. If necessary, he adds, “report the perpetrators to the police.”


About Chipping Norton News

A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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