Open day at Chippy police station

police6Its days are numbered, as Thames Valley Police has announced that it will close next year, but today, Chippy police station was very much open, as it hosted an open day.

It was a rare chance for law-abiding residents to see what life is like in one of the Victorian station’s prison cells; to walk around what was once the local magistrates court (now the infamous snooker room); and to get to sit in a police car, or astride a powerful police motorbike.

In addition, archives had been brought over from the Thames Valley Police museum, detailing staff records of those once based at the station, as well as some of the Chippy crimes recorded at the station.

These included numerous traffic incidents on narrow Chippy roads; and even a cow reported to have been left ‘shocked’ by one accident!

PCSOs and police officers were on hand to chat to, and there was a wealth of information about Thames Valley Police past and present.

A lot of the talk from visitors inevitably centred on what would happen to the police station once it was sold off; but today’s open day also focused attention on the valuable business that is currently carried out in the building.

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