Town council says “no” to Cornish Road housing

UnknownThe Town Council is to object to a planning application to build five houses and four flats on a site on Cornish Road.

The application for the development, proposed by Cottsway Housing, is registered with WODC under number 14/0020/P/FP. It would involve the demolition of existing garages, to be replaced with new affordable housing.

At its January meeting, the council agreed that the proposals would constitute overdevelopment of the site, and expressed concerns over the relative lack of garages and parking, together with the loss of green space.

Cottsway has stated in its supporting documents that the redevelopment of the site is being considered following reports from local residents about anti-social behaviour and vandalism around the garages. Cottsway previously owned the site, selling it to GreenSquare last year, but continues to be the development agent for the site.

A consultation on the proposals was held last November at the football club on Walterbush Road, with exhibition boards showing both the development layout and that of the individual properties being proposed.

Those attending were invited to complete questionnaires, and Cottsway has stated that 91% of those who filled in a questionnaire said that they would not be interested in renting one of the new properties.

Cottsway has also acknowledged that the majority of respondents had concerns about the proposals, including concerns about on-street parking, pedestrian access, reducing the amount of green space locally, and potential for flooding, although it has since attempted to address some of these issues.

50% of respondents in November said that they did not support the proposals. However, Cottsway has pointed out that it would work with WODC to ensure that the new accommodation is let to individuals, couples and families in housing need, with connections to Chippy and its neighbouring parishes.

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4 Responses to Town council says “no” to Cornish Road housing

  1. Paula Harris says:

    This is all very well that you want to help those people of chipping Norton as you said at the bottom of your news letter but this won’t be the case it will be people moved in from out of town that’s not from here or more immigrants or for more people who don’t work that are on benifits that has everything paid for them so yes I’m very glad as a single mum that works hard every day it’s going to stay as it is your sincerely pm harris

  2. Rachel Bunyan says:

    Really disappointed today to come home from work to find a letter saying this has now been approved. Can’t believe that they can justify disrupting the entire street for the sake of 5 houses and even more annoyed that all the privacy in our home will now be lost due this ridiculous plan.
    And yet they turned down planning along Churchill road due to a view!! And have the cheek to raise the council tax.

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  4. Keith Clandfield. says:

    Iff this plan was rejected. WHY has the garages been knocked down .? I know there used to be the kids play area round the garages. but that went on over the 42+ years we lived there. Cornish road needs parking spaces, teh green areas was lovely . now its going to be a conrete jungle .as its been said it wont be for chippy folk ,witney throw outs .foriegners etc .

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