How to stop your recycling from disappearing

imageWest Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) is asking Chippy residents to take action after reports of recycling blowing across the roads in recent windy weather.

WODC told us, “With the recent weather, we are unfortunately losing a lot of recyclable material from the black boxes left out on bin days and subsequently blow around the roads.

“The litter then has to be picked up by our cleansing team along with other waste which is then landfilled.”

So basically, if your recycling gets blown about, it might end up going to a landfill site rather than getting recycled.

In order to stop this happening, WODC is trying to encourage us to use the specially designed nets that fit over the recycling boxes.

At the moment, you can order these recycling nets from the WODC town centre shop at 3 Welch Way, Witney, or collect from there for free.

You can also order additional nets, as well as boxes, from the Black Box Recycling page on the WODC website.

If there are any streets or areas that seem to be particularly suffering from recycling litter being strewn about, the council will look at delivering nets directly to households.

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1 Response to How to stop your recycling from disappearing

  1. Ben says:

    Rofl – its not nets that are needed to stop it blowing away. Replace those lightweight boxes with a heavier bin and less chance of it happening. On a Windy day I have to go searching for my recycling boxes because the bin men are too lazy to put them back properly.

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