Could you be our new Town Councillor?

electionTown councillor David Lydiat has resigned from the council due to now working outside of the area and being unable to be as involved in town matters as he would like.

This leaves a vacancy on Chipping Norton Town Council, and nominations are being sought for a new councillor.

Would you like to stand, and be able to influence what happens in our town?

If so, you should ask for a nomination paper – you can get one from the West Oxfordshire District Council offices in Witney, or from the Chippy Town Council office at the Guildhall (not the Town Hall, as is stated on the posters in town).

Nomination forms then have to be returned to WODC by 4pm on Thursday 24 April, and if there is more than one candidate, the election will take place on Thursday 22 May (the same day as the district council and European elections).

So if you’re interested in Chipping Norton and its future, why not take an active part in fighting for it, and representing residents on the town council?


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