Town council candidates want your vote

A Town Council election has been called for 22 May, following the resignation of David Lydiat. The following candidates have been selected by their parties to stand for the vacant seat; Chippy News asked them to introduce themselves and set out what they would like to do if they are voted in as town councillor.

James Kitcher (Conservatives)

kitcherI am extremely excited about the opportunity to stand for the Chipping Norton Town Council By-Election on 22 May.

I own Cotswold Lettings in Middle Row, Chipping Norton and therefore not only work in the centre of town, but live above the shop with my partner and our dog Maisie.

Since arriving in Chipping Norton I have worked hard for the town, helping other local businesses promote our fabulous town, running the Victorian Night Christmas Event and working on the Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

As a local businessman these are a few of the issues that I see facing the town.

DEVELOPMENT – As someone who works in the property industry I cannot deny that I am pro-development. However, any building work must take into account not only the historical context of our town, but also the services like schools and doctors that are put under pressure by out of control development.

I look forward to contributing further to the Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Plan as well as working with my district council colleagues on planning matters if I am elected.

TRANSPORT – We all know the problems the town has with HGV lorries passing through the town.

I want to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the problem and work with County Councillor Hilary Biles to find new and different solutions to the traffic issues that we face.

PARKING – A problem that both business and residents face, I know what it is like to circle the town centre for 20 minutes or more looking for a space in the middle of the day.

I want to work with all the stakeholders including West Oxfordshire District Council Oxfordshire County Council and developers within the town to deliver the parking we need to grow this town as the economic centre for the area.

James Stanley (UKIP)

ukip2‘You politicians are all the same, you promise the us the world, just to get elected, and then you forget all about us’.

What a greeting to get in a local shop! I do not see myself as a politician, I am a normal resident who is fed up with the status quo.

Those who made this comment are preparing a list of concerns. If elected, I will do whatever is in my power to address these and any issues Chipping Norton residents tell me about, I may not be able to resolve them, but I will try, I can promise no more than that.

Mark Walker (Labour)

MWheadshouldersMark has been resident in Chipping Norton for over ten years, and worked closely alongside Gina Burrows and Rob Evans in previous election campaigns.

· What do we want for Chippy? The neighbourhood plan recognised that we valued Chipping Norton as a working Cotswold town, a great place to live and work. As the town grows we must make sure there are jobs and houses for people who live in town as well as people moving here.

· What am I doing to get involved in our community? I’ve recently been elected Parent Governor at the ACE Centre. Having worked alongside parents and local residents in the successful campaign to “Save the ACE Centre” I am now delighted to be part of the team who will ensure the ACE Centre remains a valued part of our community.

· What could I do as your Town Councillor? Town Council is not about party politics. We can achieve a lot more when we work together with people for the good of our community; I will work alongside all Councillors’ including Labour Councillors Eve Coles, Geoff Saul, David Heyes, Charles Watson, and of course Laetisia if elected.

I’m proud to be part of such a vibrant community and would

be honoured to represent you on the Town Council.

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A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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