Costly graffiti at town hall had no ‘witnesses’

The early Victorian town hall in Chippy - a victim to recent graffiti

The early Victorian town hall in Chippy – a victim to recent graffiti

The town council has raised concerns about petty vandalism affecting the state of the town, and a lack of witnesses willing to identify the culprits, after graffiti made at the town hall went unreported until the council’s own clerk told police about it.

At Monday’s town council meeting, concerns were raised about the graffiti found at the town hall, which had cost £380 to remove, in addition to attempts to burn the climbing wall at the Cornish Road playground.

The climbing wall – which has also suffered from broken ‘feet’ – is to be replaced at a cost of £1,600, but mayor Mike Tysoe expressed disappointment that it was necessary to spend £2,000 of the town’s money on repairing damage caused by others.

He also said that if those responsible for the graffiti were found, attempts would be made to try and get the money spent removing it back.

PCSO Cheryl Harrison spoke at the meeting, to urge people to report any incidents they spot. As she noted, the town hall steps are regularly used as a meeting place for local teens, the majority of whom do not cause any problems.

But the area around the town hall is usually busy into the evenings, with lots of cars coming and going. In light of this, Cheryl said she was surprised that nobody had reported the graffiti being put on the building – it was not until the town clerk reported the incident that police became involved.

Mayor Tysoe has urged anybody who sees any offences being committed not to get involved with those committing offences, but to call 101 straightaway.

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