WODC suggests new road names in Chippy

UnknownNo, don’t worry – your road is not about to become Wayne Rooney Drive in honour of the World Cup.

But West Oxfordshire District Council has suggested two new road names for new developments in Chippy – the development on the old Churchill House site on Hailey Road, and the new houses to be built on Cornish Road.

Wayne Rooney Drive might actually have been a more creative name – for those proposed by WODC are somewhat lacking in imagination. They suggest Churchill Court for the Hailey Road site, and Cornish Terrace for the Cornish Road houses.

These were put to the town council on Monday for consideration; although it was hard to get worked up about these amazingly original names, the town council did query the need to give the new Cornish Road homes a separate name, and will suggest to WODC that the houses are simply Cornish Road – with new house numbers, but not a separate identity.

But we think WODC could have come up with something different. What about honouring other former residents of Chippy, in a similar way to Withers Way or Dunstan Avenue? Or recognise our amenities – perhaps Lido Lane or Co-op Close. If you have any ideas that you think WODC could use, let us know in the box below.


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10 Responses to WODC suggests new road names in Chippy

  1. chippynews says:

    This comment has come from Kristel Withers (thanks!):

    “Using names from people who have actually put heart into our community. My ideas: “The burrows” after Gina “Evans row (court, square) after Rob “Alcock terrace” (again court, square, row place) after Gerry. We have a long list of previous cllrs that have now passed. What better tribute to these amazing people and for the people left behind. Withers way always makes me smile and means alot to our family. It’s a way to remind people what these people did for our crazy little town and that we won’t forget them.”

    • Keith Clandfield. says:

      Kristel. I whole heartily agree with you on all you have said i suggested Evans Court, evans close. and roead name Grantham road.who has /had chippy first .

  2. chippynews says:

    Two more votes for “Burrows Court”, named for former mayor and town councillor Gina Burrows, from Chris Hogan and Emma Walker. Thanks, both. 🙂

  3. chippynews says:

    Another suggestion by Keith: Rob Evans Court for the Churchill House site, and Grantham Road for the new Cornish Road houses, after another local who Keith says “has the town first”.

  4. Keith Clandfield. says:

    Any thing for Gina as well .i agree.

  5. johnmann1962 says:

    The above are all excellent suggestions. But can I very politely enquire why my suggestion of John Hieatt was removed?

    John Mann.

    • chippynews says:

      John, your suggestion hasn’t been removed – these comments aren’t published automatically, we have to manually do it. We’re just doing the latest ones, and yours should appear very shortly!

      • johnmann1962 says:

        My apologies. WordPress is too clever for its own good! Because I have a WordPress account it initially showed my comment although actually it was in the moderation queue.

  6. chippynews says:

    Some more ideas: Burrows Way and Evans Road (thanks to Pauline Clarke for those); Howes Terrace, Olympic Oval, Evans Meadow and Great Western Close (thanks Sheena Blundell).

  7. chippynews says:

    And from John Mann:

    In this 100th anniversary year of the Bliss Mill strike, how about commemorating some of those involved? We already, of course, have Shepard Way and Cooper Close named after the two strikers who went to prison.

    I suggest that a road should be named after “Striker Jack” – John Hieatt OBE, the union branch treasurer. His tireless work for the strikers meant he never got his job back, he was physically attacked at least twice and finally according to his family he was hounded out of town never to return. Chipping Norton’s loss was Gloucester’s gain.

    Also worth consideration, although they only lived in the town during the months of the strike, are Workers’ Union officials George Dallas and Julia Varley OBE. Both did much for the people of Chipping Norton.

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