Chadlington Downs development: 40% to be affordable homes

Examples of Bellway Homes houses, taken from the public exhibition today

Examples of Bellway Homes houses, taken from the public exhibition today

After the public exhibition held at the town hall this afternoon, what are the proposals for the farmland between Walterbush Road and Burford Road?

Bellway Homes says it wants to build 228 homes on the site, of which 40%, or around 91, will be classed as affordable housing.

It hopes the main access to the site will be to and from the main Burford Road, rather than Walterbush Road. Original plans were for Walterbush Road to be the main access point, but this has been revised following public concerns at the previous consultation last year.

imagePlans still show two access routes – Walterbush Road and Burford Road – but it is hoped that Burford Road will be approved as a sole access. The developers have also said that they will resurface Walterbush Road if the proposal goes ahead, the condition of the road having caused concern for some time.

However, Chippy News was told at the consultation that the developers intend to take measures to improve visibility for drivers using the Churchill Road/Hailey Road junction to access the development, and this would only be an issue if the Walterbush Road access is maintained, so we wait to see what is decided about this issue.

These ‘visibility measures’ would include line painting and altering the kerb on either side of the junction to come out further into Churchill Road, thus giving drivers a better view turning left or right out of Hailey Road.

There will also be access for bicycles, pedestrians and emergency vehicles only via Cotswold Crescent. The plans state that “pedestrian and cycle routes will be integrated with green corridors and generous amounts of high quality open space”.

The houses will be built by Bellway Homes, and a new clubhouse for Chipping Norton Football Club will be provided as part of the site.

Originally, the developers had said a MUGA (multi-use games area) would also be built, but the wording on the proposal boards at the public consultation were rather tentative.

As all the ‘background work’ on the site and development have been done, the developers hope to submit a formal planning application in August.

However, it was made clear at the public consultation that it will be difficult for WODC to reject this proposal, both because there is still no up-to-date Local Plan for the town and county, and  also because the site has been identified as suitable for future housing.

Did you go to the public consultation? What did you think of the plans? Let us know your views, either here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter.





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