New Street playground paths completed – so what next?

Mayor Mike Tysoe has updated Chippy News as to how the New Street recreation ground improvements are getting on. He says that the new footpaths, and the new mini tunnel in the under 7s areas, are now done.

However, the mayor has asked us to point out that there are some grass areas that have been reseeded, so “please try to keep children off those areas for the time being.”

Here are a couple of shots of the new paths and tunnel:

The contractors doing the job had been delayed for a couple of weeks, so the mayor has apologised about the work not being completed in time for the start of the school holidays. However, he told Chippy News:

“I hope that the new paths and the levelling of the under 7s [area] shows that we are serious about improving the play areas in the town.”

As readers will remember, in January we reported that the town council was increasing its share of our council tax by 37% in order to cover the cost of Town Hall repairs, the production of a local neighbourhood plan, and to buy new playground equipment for the New Street recreation ground.

Town councillors, after visiting other local playgrounds, decided that ours was in ‘very poor condition’ and that it needed up to £20,000 spent to improve it. The pictures below show how the playground could be better.

The councillors are keeping an eye on the playground; for example, Mike Tysoe told us about his recent visit:

“Having just been down there…I managed to collect another great collection of plastic bottles, some only centimetres away from the nearest bin. It would be really helpful if everyone could try and dispose of their rubbish in one of the many bins provided!”

He added:

“All we need is an army of volunteers to help with repainting the equipment and then we will have a good looking play area again. Any volunteers, please contact me on, telling me what you can do, and when you might be available.”

So what will councillors do to further improve the recreation ground? Well, a questionnaire given to parents at yesterday’s Playday gives mixed messages.

It asks parents to suggest new play equipment they’d like to see in the town’s four playgrounds – at New Street, Cotswold Crescent, Cornish Road and Walterbush Road – as part of the council’s aim of starting a ‘rolling programme’ of improvements.

However, it then states that ‘we have a limited budget having just improved New Street’, and asks parents if they would be willing to help fundraise to get funds for improvements.

The council has clearly recognised that our town’s playgrounds need updating to match those in smaller towns and villages locally, and with a substantial increase in council tax already being raised, it will be interesting to see what further plans for improvement and expenditure come forward next.

What are your views on Chippy’s playgrounds and how they could be improved, and what do you think of the New Street improvements so far? Would you be willing to fundraise to buy new equipment? Let us know here, or via Twitter or Facebook.



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