Castle View users – move your cars and boats now!

Residents of Spring Street and other streets close to Castle View received letters on Thursday this week warning them that the car park would be sealed off on Monday 24 November.

The site, left empty for years by Oxfordshire County Council, has finally been sold and the new owners have instructed contractors to fence off the site.

The sale is recent, and no planning permission applications are known to have been submitted – so the move is not because building work or demolition is about to start.

Currently there is one untaxed vehicle and a boat on a trailer in the car park. All other vehicles are using it as regular parking.

If you know of anyone who uses the site, particularly if they don’t live close enough to have received a letter, please warn them that they only have a few days to move their vehicle.

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3 Responses to Castle View users – move your cars and boats now!

  1. D.gunn says:

    Well then it now time for the town council to organise some residential parking for the area as the number of cars from out of towners and theatre goers take up our spaces. This was voiced by candidates when they door knocked prior to last local elections and as per usual nothing has happened just empty promises.

    • A. R White says:

      if you own a car why buy a house with no parking provision?
      It is not the responsibility of the Town Council to provide residential car parking.

  2. sarah says:

    Hopefully the town council will also remove those illegally parked wheelie bins along Market St and Middle Row which makes a beautiful Street look disgusting

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