Petition for HGV ban

As covered in this month’s Chippy News, local resident and Conservative WODC candidate Guy Wall decided to take action after learning that Oxfordshire County Council appeared to have taken the action to ban HGVs through Chippy out of its latest Transport Plan.

He decided to start a petition, which has already gained much momentum. The petition says:

Oxfordshire County Council have [sic] taken the small towns strategy out of the Local Transport Plan 4. This means the proposed lorry route that will take A44 lorries out of Chipping Norton will not be implemented.

It is important because a lorry route will take many HGVs out of the centre of town and make London Road, Banbury Road and Horsefair and the centre of town safer for residents, cut congestion and therefore better the Air Quality.

You can sign up to the petition online here.

For our full article on the whole HGV situation and OCC’s plan, see this month’s Chippy News. We will cover any further responses next month.

Please note that during the period of election campaigning – at town, district and parliamentary level – we will be marking any stories involving, or sent to us by, election candidates, to make this transparent. Such stories will be highlighted under the category “elections”.

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1 Response to Petition for HGV ban

  1. The Eleventh Earl of Mar says:

    So, let me get this straight. The Conservative candidate for a Conservative-dominated District Council election is raising an issue of a Conservative-led County Council (with a local Conservative councillor) wanting to comply with a Conservative-led government wish for ‘localism’? Perhaps if they spent less time having a fundamental hatred of state interventions (in this case, to regulate HGVs and invest public money in improving the alternative route) then something might actually happen for a change. As it is, each body finds it easier to treat us like idiots as we keep voting for them round here!

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