David Cameron holds on to Witney

 The results of the General Election are still coming in, but the Witney constituency count has finished – and David Cameron has kept his seat, receiving over 35,000 votes – an increase of just over 1,000 from 2010.

Labour’s Duncan Enright polled in second place with just over 10,000 votes, giving Cameron a majority of over 25,000.
The full result was as follows:

  • David Cameron (Conservatives): 35201
  • Duncan Enright (Labour): 10046
  • Simon Strutt (UKIP): 5352
  • Andy Graham (Lib Dem): 3953
  • Stuart Macdonald (Green): 2970
  • Clive Peedell (National Health Action Party): 616
  • Colin Bex (Wessex Regionalists): 110
  • Chris Tompson Independent): 94
  • Vivien Saunders (Reduce VAT in Sport): 56
  • Bobby Smith (Stop Emotional Child Abuse, Vote Elmo): 37
  • Derek Jackson (Land Party): 35
  • Nathan Handley: 12

The turnout in our constituency was 73.57%, with 188 ballot papers being rejected.
The Liberal Democrat share of the vote was less than in 2010, when they polled 11,233, but Labour received more votes than their 7,511 five years ago.

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