Robin and his Sherwood Hoodies!

As we’re taking our summer break and won’t be out on the news-stands until September, we’re using the website to publish things that would otherwise have gone in the paper.

Here’s a poem sent in by Andy Thomson, inspired by his recent visit to the Theatre, and a cast photo to go with it.

I visited Chippy Theatre, just the other day
A bit reluctant, if I’m honest, I really must say
I only went along, well, because of my wife
‘Cause working on costumes had affected our life!
So I thought I’d show willing, to see what was achieved
What I saw was astounding, hard to believe
West End designed costumes, Annie seamstress queen,
They were flamboyant and elegant they nearly stole the scene
What surprised me most was the magnificent cast
Powerful acting and singing from first line to last
The comedy was sharp, the timing perfect
The pace they set was punchy, atmosphere electric
Of ‘Robin and his Hoodies’ the story was told
Not the legend we know of, of bravery and bold
But a medieval song’n dance troupe, Robin in ‘tights’
More inclined by their nature to run away from fights
Performed with perfection by St. Mary’s Year 6
An outstanding performance, but no OFSTED ticks!

robin hood approved

We’re hope you’re enjoying the summer; look out for the News in September.

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A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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