WODC Election – Laetisia Carter re-elected

In the District Council Election on 3 May, Labour Councillor Laetisia Carter, who holds the Chipping Norton seat, was re-elected with 1116 votes. Gary Jones (Conservative) polled 490 and Juliet Byrne (Liberal Democrat)  284. Turnout was 37.72%. Overall in West Oxfordshire Labour gained 2 and Lib Dems 3 from Conservatives but they retain overall control.


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A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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One Response to WODC Election – Laetisia Carter re-elected

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Congratulations to Laetisia and her team, better luck next time to the others who stood. Personal reasons prevented UKIP standing this time round, but I will be watching, but as I recieved no information about any of the candidates, I have no idea just what she, and the others stand for, I trust she will remember to place the needs of her constituants over the Party dogma from Westminster.

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