WODC Election – Laetisia Carter re-elected

In the District Council Election on 3 May, Labour Councillor Laetisia Carter, who holds the Chipping Norton seat, was re-elected with 1116 votes. Gary Jones (Conservative) polled 490 and Juliet Byrne (Liberal Democrat)  284. Turnout was 37.72%. Overall in West Oxfordshire Labour gained 2 and Lib Dems 3 from Conservatives but they retain overall control.


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2 Responses to WODC Election – Laetisia Carter re-elected

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Congratulations to Laetisia and her team, better luck next time to the others who stood. Personal reasons prevented UKIP standing this time round, but I will be watching, but as I recieved no information about any of the candidates, I have no idea just what she, and the others stand for, I trust she will remember to place the needs of her constituants over the Party dogma from Westminster.

  2. Steve Akers says:

    A very well deserved result for our hard working District Councillor who fights on behalf of all of the residents of Chipping Norton, but especially by those who have been hit hardest by the effects of Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition and current Conservative party policy since 2010. Voters turning to Labour.

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