Event notice: People’s Vote Petition

Diana Hughes asked us to post this, to let people know about an event:

It is good to see an upsurge in public support for a People’s Vote. As we stumble on towards Brexit it is right that we should have our say, once the details of the final deal are revealed, in the decision that will affect our lives and those of our children.

Please visit our stall on 22nd September, in front of the Town Hall steps, Chipping Norton, sign the petition and discuss the latest developments with us. We shall be there between 10 a.m. and noon and look forward to seeing you there!

Diana Hughes



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1 Response to Event notice: People’s Vote Petition

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Surely we had the Peoples Vote 2 years ago? The Prime Minister of the day, our Consituency MP, David Cameron, who, as we all know resigned when the result went against his view, now residing in a hut to write his memoirs, told us that the decisi we made set our Nations position for “generations”. It obvious that the call for,what is effectively a second Referendum, what ever you describe it as, is an attempt by the Remain side to overturn the result, by saying that we should have a say on the deal. Of course, thus far eery deal we have offered, when we go ca cap hand to the table is rebuffed! I agree it is very complex, this is why it was a simple yes/no question, as Mr Came to said in the run up to the Referendum, so complex that the public would not understand, and become confused, a valid point, if the “Experts” don’t understand it, what chance have the pubic. If ou brig this down to a personal level, and our ow homes. Under Rene movement of people, this means your front door is unlocked, and anyone living in this country can just walk uninvited! With free trade, we are forced, because of tariffs to buy our everyday needs from one shop supplied from the EU, with a competitors goods being more expensive,like wise our exports. The EU is a market of about 566 million, the Commonwealth 2.2 Billion, but we are not allowed to sort out a free trade deal without our so called partners agreement! As I understand it, a simple one line ammendment, removed in 1972 is simply put back in. People are worried about the Cost of Brexit, but, again tobringit to the individual. Everyday people change jobs,sometimes uprooting families,which obviously costs, but after a short time, wages go up, promotion comes, more mine comes in, so within a couple of years, your standard of living goes up, with more money in your pocket, if you change jobs, and your salary rises 15%, and your costs in the short term rise by 5% this number falls as deals are done.As a UKIP Official, I wish that those organsing the event had given longer notice, and a different date.Less than a week before the UKIP Party Conference we are told of this event, when our activists are going to be away, why? Surely if they are so confident in their postion, let us have a proper debate, where te facts can be brought into the open and discussed in adult way. I for one would welcome such a debate, at least then we would know what the Peoples Vote is!
    Bring it on!
    Jim Stanley
    UKIP County Organser
    Chairman UKIP Oxfordshire
    UKIP PPC for Witney ( subject to confirmtion)

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