Local Election Results 2019

Local Election Results

The results from the 2 May Local Election for Chipping Norton were as follows.

West Oxfordshire District Council – Chipping Norton Ward:

Mike Cahill Labour and Co-operative 766 (elected)
Jonny Rosemont Conservative 631
Juliet Byrne Liberal Democrat 495

Turnout was 37.9%. Labour gain from Conservative (previously Cllr Guy Wall).
New district council includes 28 Con, 10 Lib Dem, 9 Lab and 2 Ind.


Chipping Norton Town Council – in order of votes gained for 16 seats:

16 candidates elected
Jo Graves Independent 1026
Laetisia Carter Labour 912
Eve Coles Labour 863
Mike Tysoe Independent 820
Don Davidson Independent 788
Nova Bradley Labour 724
Martin Jarratt Independent 715
Chris Butterworth Conservative 673
Lexy Tuckwell Labour 656
Richard Benfield Independent 646
Gordon Brown Independent 643
Mark Walker Labour 638
David Heyes Labour 630
Rizvana Poole Labour 621
Georgia Mazower Labour 610
Sandra Coleman Independent 569


9 candidates not elected
Aaron Miles Labour 559
Alex Corfield Independent 546
Dominic Harrison Independent 505
Zoey Macgregor Ind Chippy Res 398
Steph Harrison-White Independent 393
Hasan Tahirul 303
James Kitcher 288
Andrew Villars 203
Catherine Salmon U 178

Turnout 38%. There are 6 new councillors.
Previous council was 13 men and 3 women – now 8 and 8.

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