Chippy’s HGV issues – demands for County action!

Monthly Town Council meetings are getting interesting!

The next two are Monday 19 August and 16 September at 7.15 at Chippy Town Hall. Why not come along?

Chipping Norton’s newly elected Town Council is debating many issues – and has invited Oxfordshire County Council’s Leader Ian Hudspeth to come and explain why the County has achieved little, in nearly 20 years, to curb the HGVs and heavy traffic causing illegal pollution and damaging people, roads and pavements.

Cllr Hudspeth was due to come in August – but has postponed his visit, probably until September. He will find an attentive audience.

Pollution meter in Horsefair.

A lorry passes the pollution meter that has been recording illegal levels in Horsefair for over fifteen years.

Reviews, surveys and plans have all said many times that a weight limit and alternative HGV route is what’s needed – particularly for the busy trunk A44 route through town. The County Council is planning yet another traffic survey this autumn. But there is still no commitment to action.

June’s Town Council meeting was packed with protesters and July saw street demonstrations at the pelican crossing and a petition to the County Council. Climate change issues, and the latest air pollution shocks, have roused Chippy’s townsfolk into taking action.

….and new Council gets to work!

Chippy’s new Town Council is also stepping up to some other important issues – and July’s meeting was lively. Joining HGVs on the Council’s hot list are: the state of the town centre, ideas for a Town Youth Council, more issues about Tank Farm and the disliked ‘link road’ (which does nothing about the A44 HGV traffic).

All new Town Councillors have enthusiastically signed up to the Council’s committees and are getting involved in issues both in and out of council meetings. The Council also said goodbye and thanks to long-serving Town Clerk Vanessa Oliveri, while welcoming replacement Janine Sparrowhawk (previously in Thame).

To keep up-to-date and see your Councillors in action, why not come along on 19 August and watch the action?

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