Time to Take Care!

Chipping Norton News Covid-19 Update, 26th March 2020

For the latest news see the Covid-19 Local News Bulletin. You can download this as a PDF here – but it will also be distributed to all homes in the area (see below).

While the Government leads on protecting us and our way of life – all advice starts at www.gov.uk –  we as individuals must focus on their own health and behaviour.

But as a community we must work together for the best.

Chipping Norton Mayor Don Davidson stressed the importance of following latest government advice – including social distancing and self-isolation. But he also asks everyone to look out for others in their street who need help saying “this is the time for us to pull together to help our families, neighbours and friends. Let’s show our community spirit”.

Events are moving rapidly. To help:

  1. The Chippy News, with help from St Mary’s Church, Town Councillors and others, is today (26 March) distributing a special free two-page leaflet – Covid-19 Local News Bulletin – to homes in Chippy and local villages. It has links for the latest national guidance but also more on local contacts, action and support groups.
  2. Chipping Norton Town Council has website, facebook and twitter information – see Covid-19 town information. A task group of councillors (contact Cllr Sandra Coleman) is helping with coordination and communication. Councillor and Town Clerk contacts are on the Council website.
  3. The full printed April edition of Chipping Norton News, with the Covid-19 Bulletin, will be on sale on Monday 30 March in a limited number of outlets: Sainsbury’s, the Coop and Post Office, Aldi, Costcutter, West St Newsagents, Cotswold Newsagents, Spar Garage and the Health Centre.

Chippy News Suspension

The full printed edition of the Chipping Norton News will be suspended for at least 3 months. Updates will continue on www.chippynews.org and hopefully there’ll be more free leaflet bulletins.

Please don’t feel you are alone. We are all in this together.

Chipping Norton News Team.

About Chipping Norton News

A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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