Time to take over our Telephone Box!

Fed up with this sad eyesore in Chippy’s Town Centre?

BT is asking if you want to ‘adopt’ the iconic box for community use – library? food bank? Office pod? Paint it blue for the NHS or simply brighten it up? Chippy’s is one of 37 in Oxfordshire up for adoption – yours for £1 – see bt.com/adopt

For other town centre candidates for action? how about that (no longer used) big black pollution box on topside or a dozen old street name signs that could merit a repaint?

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A community newspaper for the town of Chipping Norton
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1 Response to Time to take over our Telephone Box!

  1. Pam Manix-Holand says:

    Was just saying yesterday what a shame it was that that telephone kiosk was being left to rot. Surely the Lions, or cub scouts, Town Council or some Chippy group could adopt it and restore it? What could it be used for? Public water fountain (with dog-bowl below?) Or just restoring the actual box!

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