Chippy’s 1000+ new homes

Tell WODC ‘we want our community funding’!

Time for more community action – Chippy residents are now getting a copy through their doors of the Town Council’s ‘Vision Statement’ for East Chipping Norton (Tank Farm) 1000+ home expansion. The houses are a done deal but the Council wants ambitious goals set for 21st century design, embracing zero carbon, a positive impact on Chippy for jobs, homes and services, and town investment. They want our backing to persuade others to make it happen.

The Town Council’s Vision – will the decision-makers be listening?

County and District make the decisions – OCC, the main land owner, say they support low carbon. But they submit the planning application and our councillors fear they will simply want the best price for their land. Similarly, WODC, as planning authority, need to demand the best environmental standards and adopt other ideas from the Vision Statement.

But where’s our ‘community funding’? Town Council are now angry that WODC are proposing to charge ZERO ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’, to fund community facilities. In 2016, WODC suggested £10m could be available, with up to £2m directly for the Town Council. WODC’s latest consultation says this makes the development ‘unviable’ (ie Developers can’t afford it!). They insist only on ‘Section 106’ funding which, some councillors say, is not transparent, agreed ‘behind closed doors’, probably insufficient and influenced too much by developers. Crucially, it cannot pay for all the community infrastructure that the Town was promised when 1000+ homes was ‘sold’ to us.

Tell WODC what you think – WODC are currently consulting publicly on this proposed ‘zero rate’ Community Levy.  See WODC’s website for details. The Town Council are submitting a strong response. They want the public to do so as well and show the strength of feeling in the Town. You can find a helpful explanation on how to respond on the Town Council’s website. Responses must be in by 21 August.



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