Apple day has to stop

Plans for Chippy’s Community Orchard to celebrate the apple season with their Apple Pressing Day this Sunday (20 September) have had to be cancelled because of the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

Apple Pressing Day had to be cancelled

It would have taken more than 6 volunteers to run the pressing production line and safety of visitors is also a concern. The Orchard’s Heather Leonard said ‘Enjoy the community orchard for picnics and picking. Sorry the Rule of 6 prevented us juicing your apples, Look forward to Blossom and Apple Days next year’.But please don’t let that stop everyone doing something exciting with your apples – see next month’s News for ideas!

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1 Response to Apple day has to stop

  1. Mark Knop says:

    Hello, I have just been passed your article concerning your apple day. We have an apple pressing service that could possibly help you out this year. If you can arrange to get your apples over to us in Princes Risborough I can press, bottle and pasteurise the juice for you. I know it’s not what your day is all about but you would still have some bottles to share out. We can also put juice into your containers if some of you like to make cider. If you would like to discuss options, please get in touch.

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