Snow’s here – keep safe!!

Snow has arrived in Chippy with the usual risks of snowed up roads and lethal pavements. The Town has been used to it – with volunteers willing to come out and help, but with Covid, there’s even more reason to stay at home but keep an eye out for neighbours. Chipping Norton Town Council sent the News this summary advice.

Keeping priority roads moving: A tractor, generously loaned to the Town Council by WHC Hire Services will focus on the smaller roads not cleared by OCC (they do main roads and bus routes). Road priorities established last year include: hospital/doctors’ surgery and schools; care homes and housing for vulnerable people; roads which need a lot of help (eg The Leys)

Spreaders and grit: At least 64 grit bins are dotted around town holding around 16 tons of grit. But please use this SPARINGLY on roads and pavements not private paths. A little grit/salt can go a long way (household and dishwasher salt are fine). We do have six large hand spreaders available – please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at the Guildhall 01608 642341 if you would like to borrow one for use on local pavements and paths.

Shovelling snow and ice: Everyone should have snow shovels ready for action. Please sweep/shovel the area clean as early as possible then sprinkle salt/grit). DO NOT use water and don’t leave patches of ice. Keep an eye open for elderly neighbours. Shopkeepers: remember that legally you must provide safe ingress/exit to your property – please clear the pavements.

Emergency contacts: With a large fall of snow and if you are in dire need of help then contacts include: Town Clerk’s Office 01608 642341 or by email at , or the Fire Station: Watch Manager Dave Cuthbert 07796 941348; On call Fire Station Support Officer Tim Cox 07833 480 408 or Station Manager Mick Clarke 07775 827 261

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