December 2016

LoveNature~loveChippingNorton & SWIFTCONSERVATION are presenting a FILM SCREENING of ‘SWIFT STORIES’

at ST MARY’S PARISH ROOMS this FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2016 6.30—9.30pm



(Wine and nibbles will be offered in return for voluntary donations to cover expenses and to raise money for two charities, Cherwell Swifts Conservation Project & Friends of St Mary’s fabric of the church building conservation).

‘SWIFT STORIES’ is a feauture documentary film about swifts and people in Oxfordshire made by Kirtlington-based independent filmmaker Andy Russell­ and commissioned by the Cherwell Swift Conservation Project. Chris Mason will be there to talk about why and how the film was made, and Andy Russell will present his film and relate the story of the impact the experience of making it had on him, as someone who thought he was quite aware of most things but had barely noticed the decline in the swifts over the past few years, and whose 12 year old daughter and her friends do not even know what it means not to hear the first cuckoo in spring, as they have never heard it.

So if you’re done with your Christmas shopping and human festivities on Friday evening, come and spare some thoughts for the swifts in our skies and learn how we can all help to keep the skies of Chipping Norton alive with the sounds and sight of these wondeful birds next May and in years to come; and please bring the children, it’s for their future happiness and wellbeing after all that we all need to fight to keep not only the skies, but the soil, the hedgerows, the rivers, the rich bodiversity of Nature and our very souls as human beings ALIVE!

This is the first joint community event inaugurating the ‘loveNATURE~loveCHIPPINGNORTON’ community nature conservation support network, in association with