Do you need your bus service? Act now!

Oxfordshire County Council want to save £2.6m in on bus transport – which could mean the entire bus subsidy being withdrawn. This could affect services on the key Chippy bus routes such as S3 (Oxford) and 488 (Banbury), the whole of the X8 (Kingham etc) and X9 (Witney) and the Villager buses.

They want views on their ‘options’ so now is the time to let them know what you think. Click here to go to the consultation page on OCC’s website. Look for ‘Annex Xb’ – this is a table showing the services that could be affected.

To let OCC know what you think, look for the ‘Respond to this Consultation’ section towards the bottom of the page. Click on the link there to fill in an online questionnaire.

Last time our bus services were under serious threat a huge public campaign saved them – tell everyone about this.

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1 Response to Do you need your bus service? Act now!

  1. Keith Clandfield says:

    Its going to be a shame iff you stop the pensioners free pass . Its the only way i/They can go to Oxford and to banbury Possibly onto other places, as for Dial a ride that cannot be a money maker for any one ,much quicker and cheaper if a taxi is shared. Iff you want to really save money , STOP paying councillors to attend meetings . They are ALL on medium to high rate saleries, Most have full time jobs, those thats retired are well off .that way you WOULD /WILL save a huge amount per year ..

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